Multifunction printer on the market

The multifunction printer is a device of many versatile functions available to individuals and businesses. It is a machine capable of operating automatically. In this article, you will discover its functions and ergonomics.

The various functions of the multifunction printer

This device is full of several functions, namely: the photocopy function which is the result of the combination of the scanner and printer functions: the document is scanned and then printed identically, reduced or enlarged. Note that the quality of your copier therefore depends on the resolution of the printer and scanner functions of the multifunction printer. Then the fax function. This is the least popular feature of a multifunction printer, as it is mainly related to professional use. The majority of analog fax machines that equip multifunction printers are incompatible with Internet ADSL technology and full unbundling. This machine can use the fax service provided by an Internet operator or subscribe to a fax service available on the Internet. In addition, there is the scanner function. This function allows you to scan a document (text, slide, photo, etc.) in order to obtain a digital file, the most common formats obtained are PDF files or photo files (PNG, JPEG, etc.) Also, some options or advanced functions allow you to send a file directly by e-mail. Finally, the printer function of a multifunction printer offers the same possibilities as a simple single-function printer. As with conventional printers, there are multifunction printers that print in A3 format. For more information on this device and other used goods, visit this site..

Ergonomics of the printer

In general, for a printer, the following three criteria are grouped together under the term ergonomics. The interface with the user. This interface includes : the buttons and / or the screen to control your printer this screen can be touch-sensitive. There is also the size and weight of the printer. These two criteria are related and depend mainly on the print formats and the capacity of the paper tray, and to a lesser extent on the type of printing. A standard multifunction printer weighs more than 2 kg.