Weight training programme: number of meals and hydration to be respected

A bodybuilding programme follows a well-defined rhythm both in terms of training and nutrition. You can't build muscle without eating and hydrating well. Food and hydration is one of the most important basic factors in any bodybuilding goal. With this in mind, you consider how many meals you should eat each day and how you should hydrate.

Number of meals to consume daily

Following a good and well adapted diet is what is recommended to any practitioner who wishes to gain muscle. Thus, in relation to training, it is necessary to consume a dose of protein, fat and carbohydrates at each meal. A body that is better supplied with compatible nutrients therefore promotes or optimises muscle development.  Visit this site and find out why not try these out.
In order to properly absorb the calorie intake and the daily quota of the above-mentioned nutrients, it would have been ideal for the exerciser to eat several times a day and to dispense with the traditional pattern of 3 meals a day. In addition to eating solid foods as a priority, the exerciser should eat a meal every 3 or 4 hours. Then, before and after each training session, he must swallow a quantity of proteins (protein shaker for example).

The importance of hydration in bodybuilding

There is no nutrition without hydration, the two go hand in hand and represent a pillar of the bodybuilding programme. Not respecting this factor during training exposes the practitioner to a great risk of tissue injury. The metabolic diet requires the individual to drink at least 1 litre of water per day.
Obviously, a person who is engaged in a weight training programme must consume more. The ideal is to take enough water before starting the workout, drink a small amount during the workout, and take more after the workout. There is no need to wait for thirst, as drinking should be a ritual.