What is an influencer?

An influencer is a person who has made a name for themselves on social networks. These people have created their own community and have managed to become well liked by their users. In this article, you will discover the different types and categories of an influencer.

Celebrities and web superstars

For a very long time, companies have been calling on actors or actresses, singers and sportsmen to become the face of their brand. By accepting this partnership with brands, they become influencers. And these people post about the brands' products on their own accounts. To find out more, go to see post. Indeed, superstars are people who have made a name for themselves on social networks thanks to the videos they publish each time. Thanks to these videos, they become visible and their account generates a lot of traffic. Then, they make partnerships with structures specialised in the field. Apart from the products that take from the brands, they receive their payment according to the way they have made themselves known. For the higher ranking stars, they can get big money for their partnership with the brands.

Satisfied customers and specialised influencers 

There are influencers who will leak one of your products without asking for a fee. These people already have their community of internet users and they like your brand, they can promote it. They are often customers who are satisfied and decide to share it. On the other hand, the opposite case can happen and they will publish on their account that they are not satisfied. In this way, they destroy the e-reputation of a brand and this can have a big negative effect on the company. Moreover, those who are specialised have the right to speak about their own subject. This is not the case with generalist influencers. Thanks to the topics they develop, they are attracted by their followers. And they don't have a lot of followers because it's the ones who like their topics that follow them. When they make an advertisement that is related to their field, the brand has a targeted visibility.