What to do about a lost or stolen dog ?

It is not uncommon for dogs to be lost or stolen. When this happens, several steps are taken to find the dog. However, one wonders whether one should contact the police when this happens. Continue reading this article to find out the answer to your question. 

Lost or stolen dog: should I call the police ?

You can contact the police if your dog is lost or stolen. First of all, in the case of theft, you should contact the police to get the culprits to book themselves in before using other additional resources. Indeed, you will need to file a police report with the nearest police station in your area. You should also contact the police in these cases, as the police are familiar with the community and its pets. Also, call the police officers, they will guide you through the steps to take given their experience with missing animals. Finally, in addition to calling the police, you can create posters of your dog to share on social networks as well.

How to find a dog lost in the forest ?

It may seem difficult to find a dog lost in the forest, but with the following tips you can find your dog. First of all, look for your dog as soon as you notice it is missing, maybe you will find it in the area. Secondly, listen for signs of the dog's presence between calls. For example, scratching, sniffing, and barking indicate that your dog is not far enough away. Also, use his favourite toys to call him or his favourite treats. The sound of these and the smell of them will attract him to come to you. Finally, go back to the place where he disappeared, perhaps he has returned to wait for you.