Why choose the timelapse camera ?

Thanks to advanced cameras and smartphones, taking pictures or making videos in timelapse is becoming increasingly easy. Because this technique is integrated into these devices as a function. But what are the advantages of timelapse cameras? Discover in this article, the advantages that have this type of camera.

The battery life of the timelapse camera

The timelapse cameras were designed with the aim of making shots in timelapse. They are divided into two categories: Enlaps, dedicated to professionals and Brinno, accessible to all. Thus, the first asset that they have is their time of use which allows to use them to record videos for several hours or even days. Indeed, the battery of these cameras has a great autonomy, which allows them to remain on during the entire recording period. 
In addition, some models are equipped with solar panels that can maintain the battery life at 100%. In the absence of a solar panel, most timelapse cameras are powered by AA batteries. In addition, these cameras tend to maintain their temperature for a long time of use, which contributes to the durability of the battery and their proper functioning. Note that the purpose of these cameras is to easily record the progress of a scene from a distance for a long time.

The resistance of timelapse cameras to changing weather conditions

In addition to having a sensor, a processor, an optic and several other features, timelapse cameras have the ability to resist heat and cold. Moreover, they give the possibility to access the captured images and videos from a web application. Thus, users can easily produce institutional films in real time. In addition, in low light, timelapse cameras can easily manage noise. These are some of the advantages of this device.
In addition, to make timelapse videos, it is important to choose the right camera.